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A Prophet’s Cry

In a collection of poems, prayers, and stories, Miyonda Carter reflects on her personal journey as she discovered her spiritual gifting, grew in God, and learned to accept his unfailing love.


While also focusing on helping others grow and strengthen their own intimate relationships with the Lord, Miyonda explores how the journey of a believer can be discouraging at times while providing encouragement and hope for spiritual seekers craving deep introspection that goes beyond the shallowness of regular church services and weekly Bible studies.


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The Mind of A Child

 This book focuses on the thoughts and inner feelings of three different children as they journey through life with different challenges and questions. This book will educate, encourage, and strengthen while also growing the awareness of how every child’s life challenges are different but God is always in the midst. The Mind of a Child will break open creativity and will take its readers on a poetic real life journey that will inspire and empower children to know their life stories are precious.